Below is a timeline showing the journey that led me to work in Web Development and some of the most interesting projects I worked on.


BP Flow

BP Flow is a belgian consulting company specialized in innovation management providing tailor made solutions to improve your company’s efficiency.

Helping them build a website to reach out to future clients was a great experience as I got to experiment with great technologies such a GSAP and vector animations


IP SME Helpdesk website

A website built for the IP Helpdesk online event.

This project introduced me to the world of Webflow and work automation through Zapier.

The goal was to quickly set up a website allowing users to get info about the event and register for online meeting.

Front End blog

With this blog I intend to make available code snippets and articles about Front End development. The goal is to help others while I continue learning. As I consumed more and more content coming from developers’ blog such as Josh W Comeau I decided to have a go at it myself.



A Netflix-like website to allow students to rate and review books. This project was built to help a friend of mine boost reading practice in her class.

During the devlopment of this website I took the opportunity to rethink my workflow and how I approach responsive design based on videos by Kevin Powell which helped me refining my work process.

GreenTech Transfer

A small one-page website which, with every addition needed, is turning in a multi-page project with custom Javascript and a light CSS.


Antiques website

Building a website for an antiques’ shop in Paris. The main strength of this project was to implement an AJAX gallery working with the WordPress database without any plugin.

The website and the administration panels were built to be easy to use, so that content can be added and accessed quickly.


A project about trees and how to plant millions of them in a fast and efficient way. This project was made to help friends develop a seed-dropping business.


Stepping up @Alys

After a two months internship I had the opportunity to substitute for the company’s developer.

This was a bit of a challenge as I was a junior developer filling in for a senior developer. Alys‘ boss adapted the workload to accomodate that fact and it turned in a great experience.

Front-end developer training

Unsure of what I want to do with my life but certain that I’ve had enough of my bread and butter job, I take a leap of faith and quit it to apply for a front-end training.

Fortunately I am accepted and thus begins a 7 months formation at Bruxelles formation. The diy methodology of the teacher and learning new programmation language suits me and confirm to me that I made the right choice. Soon enough the training is completed and a new career begins for me.